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Our mission is to help people globally, to walk, run, play sport, dance, trek, travel and do any activity without being restricted by their knee problems irrespective of their age

About Us

Athleatsworld helps people to work on their knee-related problems irrespective of their age and stay in shape by managing their Nutrition. Apart from having qualified professionals, our founder himself has gone from having multiple knee surgeries in the past to being able to play, travel or rather do anything with his knees.

Meet our team

Omkar Keni


Founder of Athleatsworld. Apart from having certifications in S&C, Nutrition, Diabetic Nutrition and being one of the only 5 ATG Certified Coaches in India, Omkar himself has experienced 2 ACL & Meniscus Surgeries on both his knees and still continues to play football to this day without any fear, which gives our team an advantage to help understand our clients in the best way. 

Yukta Joshi

Business Associate

First point of contact if any person wants to get in touch with out team. Yukta helps people to get an online meeting slot with our team to talk about their injury/ condition and start working on it.

Gandhar Gurav

head s&c coach

Ensuring great results of all our clients along with Omkar, with BSc. in Sports & Exercise Sciences, Gandhar is our Head Strength & Conditioning Coach has helped our clients having 2-3 ACL Surgeries, Meniscus surgeries, Partial ACL Tears, and lead an active lifestyle

Ankit Gupta

s&c coach

Training our clients online throughout the country, being ACE certified Prehab & Rehab specialist and IFSI certified Fitness Trainer, Ankit has trained aged people having osteoarthritis as well as trained athletes after knee surgeries to get back on field

Ashwin Gangurde

s&c coach

Training our clients online throughout the country, with BSc. in Sports & Exercise Sciences, Ashwin is Strength & Conditioning Coach is training our clients who are trying to return back to playing football, cricket, badminton after various knee issues and ACL surgeries. Ashwin himself has played Cricket for U-16 MCA and understands sports very well.

Client Testimonials

"I was going to travel...but was having knee pain...though regularly i am through physio exercises but still was having pain for which I contacted Athleatsworld, there I got the consult for some knee exercises which helped entire tour painless and without my knee cap.This daily exercises let me to walk sit for long without pain and given me confidence that with exercises i can carry on my all activities.Thank you Athleatsworld"
Jaya Ganguly
"Truly life changing! these guys are very dedicated and follow all the great things to make it a successful program! I was struggling to run and had a baker's cyst injury! With consistent training and great training protocols, I have seen massive improvement in strength and I m looking forward to train more with these guys!"

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