Athleatsworld Founder

  • One of the only 2 ATG Certified Coaches in India
  • ACE (American Exercise on Council) Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • K11 Certified Sports & Human Performance Nutritionist

Hi, I am Omkar Keni from Mumbai, India. While pursuing my undergrad degree, I suffered from 2 ACLs (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) and 1 Meniscus tear and surgeries. During my downtime, I developed an interest in learning how I can get my Knees stronger than ever before and how the human body reacts to various types of food. Using that knowledge, before the age of 22, I had helped several people get lean, strong & confident, as well as helped some people reverse their Type 2 Diabetes, which is the topmost health concern in today’s world. My initial success motivated me to help more and more people to do the same. This intention gave birth to my firm – Athleatsworld

Athleatsworld helps busy professionals to get lean, strong & in great shape without lengthy workouts. This is achieved only and only by my ATG system of exercises and by providing a good science-backed diet plan suitable to their personal requirements along with focusing on short but effective workouts.

My mission is to fix the problem of ‘Eating less to lose weight’ and to help people prevent undergoing Knee, Back, and Shoulder surgeries which forces them to depend on wheelchairs and painkillers for life. Also, not only do I help people get lean & fit, but also to adopt a healthier lifestyle which can potentially help them prevent getting diabetes, heart problems, and other obesity-related problems, that have just become normal and acceptable to most people in the world today. I envision a world with much healthier and stronger people.

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Why choose us?

We know that many of you don’t want to ‘Build Body’. Maybe all you want is to get rid of your Knee Pain or Back pain so that you can move, travel, work and enjoy your life freely, or just ensure that you don’t have these issues in the future.

We at Athleatsworld have such programs and specific exercises for your joints, which will help you achieve a Lean & Strong Body without Lengthy workout sessions.

You don’t need to do heavy workouts.

You don’t need to eat less and stay hungry to lose fat.

But you do need to have the heart of a champion, and control over your mind to put in the work & avoid the foods which have caused fat gain and made you unhealthy.

Because who would not want to enjoy life without requiring hospitalizations, surgeries, wheelchairs and 10 pills a day!

So book your call and let’s see if we can actually help you out 🙂