1. How much weight will I be able to reduce?

A. Each and every person loses weight at different rate depending on various factors. But to get an idea, we have provided Estimated weightloss in the description of all our programs.

2. I am a student. Can I join this program?

A. Yes! This program is for anyone who is dedicated enough to achieve their fitness goals.

3. Do I need to join gym?

A. No. You do not require gym for fatloss. Almost all of our clients have achieved fatloss in absence of any workout. But if you want to get some muscle definition and tone, then you need to workout.

4. Will I need to take any supplements?

A. We don't give you any fatloss pills to boost fatloss. Results are achieved by following our prescribed diet. Only if we feel that your daily nutrition requirement is not met through food, we might suggest some natural and safe supplements.

5. I have diabetes/ cancer. Can I join this program?

A. Our consultations are open only for people without any severe/ chronic ongoing medical condition.

6. Do you give any kind of guarantee?

A. No, we do not give any guarantee. All our clients till date who have followed our given diet have achieved desired results. Our testimonials speak of our success.

7. How long should I follow your diet?

A. Fitness is a journey, not a destination. Our diet plans are designed to make this journey easy, without lot of hard workouts. We allow planned cheat meals in our plans, but never ever tell our clients to stop eating in the right way. In fact, our clients happily end up adopting the diet as their new lifestyle once they start seeing the results.